Business plan word cloud

So my business plan is cooking right along. Being a florist, i'm very visual so you know I had to include a modern word cloud. I believe in the power of visualization, goal setting, collaboration, cooperation over competition, service and love. I also think that the a business can be a success AND be of service and make the world a better place. 

I'd love to know how you visualize your goals and values?

Cleaning Plants and Trees

I think that plants and trees around the house are as important of a design element as any. They obviously add a necessary organic element to a modern element but they also create visual interest. A tall tree in the corner of a room with a romantic swoop is a terrific source to infuse personality into your space.

And don't forget that plants have a real impact on air quality. There are a ton of fairly common plants that do a decent job at cleaning the air. But don't take my word for it, NASA has it all sorted out for you in this article

Flowers on SNL

I love Saturday Night Live. I love it when they break and can't hide their smiles. I love it when the stars know it's awful and slug on through and ride that beast of a skit all the way to the end.  And I love the flowers in the opening monologue. I think of them as part of the band and I can often tell what season the episode was filmed in by the color and product in the arrangement.  I do miss G.E. Smith though on guitar. If the monologue is rough I can always be entertained by that floral arrangement and all the glorious details sunk into that puppy.


Centerpieces for people who don't like each other

This picture was sent to me and it sure is beautiful. A great friend clipped it from a magazine for me as she thought it reminded  her of me. What a sweet compliment... I will be published in magazines soon.

But I the height of the centerpiece is one that I put into a funny group. it's called "centerpieces for people who don't like each other" because you can't, or maybe, don't have to see over them. funny, right?

Floral Business as Fashion &/Or Art

This is an interesting article that provides a peek into some aspects of the global floral business at the intersection of commerce and art. We florist spend considerable amount of time and energy finding our perfect client and creating a business that is viable, but this roadmap is of course as personal as the persons trudging it. 

There have been many folks who try to repackage the floral industry. History has shown that the ingredients necessary to "disrupt" an entire industry are mystical. But we live in glorious times where industries are disrupted everyday- sometimes it's for the better. Often, it is not. There are usually reasons we have ended up where we are.

The back end of the floral business is farmers, airplanes and truckers. It's really a brilliant case study that is very similar to food production and distribution where we can easily forget that an apple is grown and subject to natural. Perhaps that cinderella syndrome is even baked into the marketing plan for that product- I certainly think that the animal factory farms don't want us thinking about them very much.

But alas, a good idea is a good idea and parlaying our business, social or fashion connections into a business is just smart. We florist in California are especially blessed with the flora and fauna that serves as raw material for our fodder. Possibly more blessed then any other time in history.

Thank you California! Thank you farmers and truckers that make it all happen before we even get to put things in vases.






Yelp pop up Pride Bazaar

ACME Floral Co. was excited to participate in the Yelp Pride Bazaar at the Yelp headquarters here in San Francisco. The yelp employees were pumped and the party was fantastic. I think there were around 20 vendors hanging out, dancing and spreading the cheer about their service and products. We drank, We ate, we shopped and a great time was had by all.

We whipped up a little gorgeous colorful cactus and succulent planters for folks to take back their desks Who doesn't love a perfect little plant on their desk, right?

Sweet summer flowers to use at home

My pal Angie just pinged me and asked what flowers she should get for her apartment.  I thought I would write a quick post about it because,  well, now that it's summer others must be wondering what flowers are in season now. We florist think of these summer time flowers as field flowers and they are delicious. Tons of textures, warm bright colors and mostly a great bargain. 

Of course we get to play with tons of luxurious "premium" blooms like eremurus, garden roses and peons but there are so many wonderful summer flowers that will electrify your space and should be pretty easy on the wallet too. 

FIRST- throw out the rigid thoughts on color combination. Winters are whites and greens and spring mostly soft muted cute (feminine?) colors- summer time flower arrangements are bombastic, clashing and vivid. Think Yellows, Blues, Oranges and that will get you there.

Of course, Sunflowers rule the summer. Tall, showy and pretty long lasting they can always be counted on to bright up a space. But I especially iike them cut short in a short cylinder vase. Their majestic form, many nearly 3 feet tall, is impressive but really only can see stems. So I cut them down, toss the stems in the compost with zero guilt. It's kind of like broccoli because I think of them as the delivery system for the bloom. It did it's job, we are grateful, now be gone and bring that on that electric yellow. 

So stock up on things like Dahlias, Scabiosa, Ornamental  Kale, Lily, Decorative artichokes, Hydrangea, Yarrow, Thistle and go crazy. And keep your eyes peeled for the many different types of sunflowers- once you start looking, you will see some with black centers, green centers, muted yellow, orangie yellow, brown and even died red/orange ones. Garish for sure but who cares if it makes your heartbeat a little faster.

Pass the tanning butter please... xo, Kirk

agapanthus sumer flower. san francisco florist

Today was Succulent & Cactus day here at ACME Floral

Today was the day to dress up a bunch of succulent and cactus gardens for the Pride event at Yelp tomorrow night. Should be a great party.... There are a lot of tricks to making plants look great. The plant and the container have to go together. Us florist are picky when it comes to sourcing the perfect product. On Saturday I visited a new greenhouse that is 2 hours away and walked their 5 huge greenhouses to source the perfect plants. And they are flawless, nearly fake in their perfection.  I pulled out all the tricks as this is for a fun event and didn't shy away from color. Pro tip- keep the tweezers handy when working with cacti...


The Big Fake Wedding San Francisco

We recently participated in our first wedding fair. The Big Fake Wedding is certainly not your typical wedding fair as somehow convince a real married couple into letting the guests witness and participate in a perfectly sappy vowel renewal. Everyone is entertained, fed and served adult beverages all while getting to chat with vendors for their wedding. Pretty sneaky, right?

The pictures from John Bosley Photography and Capture Life Events are yummy too. Enjoy!

John Bosley Photography - Big Fake Wedding SF - Print 190.jpg

Stephanie and Curtis- Perfectly rare balance of clean and personal

Stephanie and Curtis put together an intimate personal wedding. They put together the elements for their wedding with Curtis elevating simple glass vases for the bar with the perfect amount of gold paint and Stephanie dyed the sewn the blue batik table runners. Their dinner was set in the austere gallery at Foreign Cinema with lovely food and a DJ setting the mood with their favorite tunes. I think their personal touches and the modern art created the perfect balance for a night to remember and an adventurous life together. Love you guys...