Floral Business as Fashion &/Or Art

This is an interesting article that provides a peek into some aspects of the global floral business at the intersection of commerce and art. We florist spend considerable amount of time and energy finding our perfect client and creating a business that is viable, but this roadmap is of course as personal as the persons trudging it. 

There have been many folks who try to repackage the floral industry. History has shown that the ingredients necessary to "disrupt" an entire industry are mystical. But we live in glorious times where industries are disrupted everyday- sometimes it's for the better. Often, it is not. There are usually reasons we have ended up where we are.

The back end of the floral business is farmers, airplanes and truckers. It's really a brilliant case study that is very similar to food production and distribution where we can easily forget that an apple is grown and subject to natural. Perhaps that cinderella syndrome is even baked into the marketing plan for that product- I certainly think that the animal factory farms don't want us thinking about them very much.

But alas, a good idea is a good idea and parlaying our business, social or fashion connections into a business is just smart. We florist in California are especially blessed with the flora and fauna that serves as raw material for our fodder. Possibly more blessed then any other time in history.

Thank you California! Thank you farmers and truckers that make it all happen before we even get to put things in vases.