Cleaning Plants and Trees

I think that plants and trees around the house are as important of a design element as any. They obviously add a necessary organic element to a modern element but they also create visual interest. A tall tree in the corner of a room with a romantic swoop is a terrific source to infuse personality into your space.

And don't forget that plants have a real impact on air quality. There are a ton of fairly common plants that do a decent job at cleaning the air. But don't take my word for it, NASA has it all sorted out for you in this article

Flowers on SNL

I love Saturday Night Live. I love it when they break and can't hide their smiles. I love it when the stars know it's awful and slug on through and ride that beast of a skit all the way to the end.  And I love the flowers in the opening monologue. I think of them as part of the band and I can often tell what season the episode was filmed in by the color and product in the arrangement.  I do miss G.E. Smith though on guitar. If the monologue is rough I can always be entertained by that floral arrangement and all the glorious details sunk into that puppy.


Stephanie and Curtis- Perfectly rare balance of clean and personal

Stephanie and Curtis put together an intimate personal wedding. They put together the elements for their wedding with Curtis elevating simple glass vases for the bar with the perfect amount of gold paint and Stephanie dyed the sewn the blue batik table runners. Their dinner was set in the austere gallery at Foreign Cinema with lovely food and a DJ setting the mood with their favorite tunes. I think their personal touches and the modern art created the perfect balance for a night to remember and an adventurous life together. Love you guys...