Huge floral

Flowers on SNL

I love Saturday Night Live. I love it when they break and can't hide their smiles. I love it when the stars know it's awful and slug on through and ride that beast of a skit all the way to the end.  And I love the flowers in the opening monologue. I think of them as part of the band and I can often tell what season the episode was filmed in by the color and product in the arrangement.  I do miss G.E. Smith though on guitar. If the monologue is rough I can always be entertained by that floral arrangement and all the glorious details sunk into that puppy.


Centerpieces for people who don't like each other

This picture was sent to me and it sure is beautiful. A great friend clipped it from a magazine for me as she thought it reminded  her of me. What a sweet compliment... I will be published in magazines soon.

But I the height of the centerpiece is one that I put into a funny group. it's called "centerpieces for people who don't like each other" because you can't, or maybe, don't have to see over them. funny, right?