We love weddings and honored to be considered to be your florist. We do weddings a little differently than many florists though. We never over book, we keep it fun and always relaxed. Of course we are uber professional, timely and stylish but we package all this this in our patented stress free zen style because we believe you have better things to do then worry or manage us. Our ideas are only limited by your imagination and budget. We would love to hear how we can help with pulling together your perfect wedding.

So, thumbs up for Stylish, Gardeny, Relaxed, Professional, timely, responsible, classic, Abundant floristry. Thumbs down for floristry that is overly trendy, boring or cookie cutter, too precious or just not fun. It is flowers after all so lets F#@&*ING party!

Our minimum for full service weddings is $4,500. To receive an estimate of our services we need to know all the facts. Kindly take a stab at our questionnaire and we will be in touch.

And we welcome orders for ala carte wedding items where someone needs a pretty bouquet on Tuesday to run down to the courthouse. You CAN keep it simple, fun AND carry pretty flowers too. We love last minute. xo